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MiniTube System

  • Ideal for Compound Library Storage
  • Available in 1.1ml Single and 8-Strip Mini Tubes
  • 96-well rack footprint compatible with Beckman, Tecan and other robotic workstations
  • One-way lid design, in conjunction with alpha-numeric grid, ensures positive sample identification
  • Cover ‘molded-in condensation rings’ minimise cross contamination
  • Polypropylene tubes and racks are autoclavable
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NOVASBIO MiniTube Storage system, sometimes referred to as ‘Cluster” tubes, could be described as a deep-well plate with the benefit of removable wells.

Comprising a rack with an 8 x 12 hole-pattern on traditional 9mm centres, the MiniTube System conforms to the SBS configuration so making it compatible with robotic workstations, multichannel pipettors and auto-sampling instruments. The lid with its alpha-numeric labeling ensure positive sample identification. Additionally, with condensation rings molded individually above each tube on the rack inside, prevent cross-contamination. The inert polypropylene tubes, rack and lid can be autoclaved, centrifuged at moderate speeds and stacked for long-term, low temperature storage of biological samples.

Applications include:

  • Bacterial and hybridoma cell uptake
  • Cell harvesting
  • CMV, HSV, HTLV-lll testing
  • Receptor binding assays
  • RIA/EIA serial dilution procedures
  • Recombinant DNA work
  • Pharmaceutical and human genome studies
  • Sample storage libraries


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