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0.1ml Low Profile Hard Shell PCR Plates

  • Available in 96-well (full and semi-skirted) and 384-well plates
  • Wells manufactured with 99.9% pure virgin polypropylene
  • Rigid polycarbonate frame eliminates warping during PCR
  • Ultra clear or white thin-walled polypropylene wells for optimum real-time PCR and regular PCR
  • Recommended for low volume PCR reactions
  • Compatible with Bio-Rad® CFX96 Touch systems, Agilent AriaMx, Roche® LightCycler®, Analytik Jena qTOWER3/ qTOWER Touch and Techne Quantica
  • Optically clear films available separately
  • Certified free from RNase, DNase, Pyrogens and Human DNA
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qPCR Compatible multi-well plates in hard-shell format deliver superior performance from regular PCR and qPCR applications.

Hard-shell qPCR plates feature thin-walled, low bind polypropylenere reaction wells set in a rigid polycarbonate frame. This frame is dimensionally stable and unaffected by the mechanical stresses of thermal cycling. This means the plate seal integrity will not be compromised by plate expansion or warping. Not only does the reduction of sample evaporation improve the consistency of PCR results, it also provides the opportunity to reduce sample volume and expensive qPCR reagents. Many labs justify the cost of high-performance PCR plates with the greater savings from reduced reagent usage and loss. Additionally, 2-component plates remain flat, ensuring compatibility with robotic plate handling, before and after thermal cycling.

Of course, NOVASBIO all PCR consumables are produced using only the finest medical grade resins and are certified free from DNase, RNase, Human DNA and Pyrogens.

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