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0.5 Skirted

  • Ideal for long-term, secure storage and transportation
  • Threaded ‘O’ ring Cap design provides tight, uniform seal
  • Rib design allows single-handed operation, even with gloves
  • Cap features a pierceable syringe port for easy sample access
  • Available with clear Caps or a choice of 5 different colors
  • Suitable for high speed centrifugation up to 20,000 x g
  • Manufactured with 99.9% pure virgin polypropylene
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures ranging from -195°C (LN2 vapor phase) to +121°C.


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0.5 ml Screw Cap Tube. Self-standing, Clear Tube, Cap available in Green, White, Blue, Yellow and Red.

Novas Bio Screw Cap Tubes are used in a wide range of laboratory applications. These include collection, processing, centrifugation, long-term storage and transportation of valuable biological materials. These Tubes are available with clear Caps in addition to 5 different colors: Green, White, Blue, Yellow, Red. The Tubes can withstand high-speed centrifugation up to 20,000 x g and can be used in extreme temperature environments ranging from -195°C (LN2 vapor phase) to +121°C. The Tube design incorporates ribs which facilitate single-handed operation, even with gloves. The Caps have a syringe port providing easy sample access. 

Certified DNase and RNase free. Non-pyrogenic.

Available in light blocking Amber with Brown Screw Cap upon special order.

Novas Bio Screw Cap Tubes are supplied non-sterile, un-assembled with both Tubes and Caps packed separately. To special order, they are available pre-sterilized and assembled.