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0.2ml PCR Strip Tubes with Individual Caps

  • Manufactured with 99.9% pure virgin polypropylene
  • NOVASBIO 0.2ml Strip Tubes fit virtually all thermal cyclers
  • Individual attached caps eliminate the possibility of accidental tube/cap mix up and therefore of sample cross-contamination
  • Caps attached at angles to prevent lids and hinges from interfering with each other, so allowing easier access to specific tubes when in a rack
  • Strips can be easily cut into smaller strips
  • Strips Caps available as:
    • Frosted Flat for writing on
    • Optically Clear Flat caps for Real Time PCR
    • Optically Clear Flat with a recessed window to minimise finger contact when closing – improves clarity and enhances signal for fluorescent, luminescent and real-time PCR applications
  • Tight fitting cap design eliminates sample evaporation or ‘popping’ while still being easy to open
  • Certified free from RNase, DNase, Pyrogens and Human DNA
  • View full Packaging and Ordering information in NOVASBIO online catalogue
  • View/download the NOVASBIO flyer for all PCR Tubes, Strip Tubes and Caps
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Consumables used in PCR undergo a rapid process of heating and cooling during cycling. Experimental success relates directly to the use of the highest quality consumables. The physical performance of these consumables can lead to great variances in test results. To obtain exceptional results, wall thickness must be extremely precise and remain consistent throughout to ensure even thermal transfer between the tube or plate well and cycler block. Additionally, the cap must be tight fitting to eliminate sample evaporation or ‘popping’,  while still being easy to open.

To achieve such qualities, the manufacturing process requires a much higher level of engineering competence in design and implementation than for many other thermo-plastic injection molded products. The NOVASBIO engineers have been associated with the successful manufacture of PCR consumable products for over 20 years.

Of course, NOVASBIO PCR consumables are produced using only the finest medical grade polypropylene and are certified free from DNase, RNase, Human DNA and Pyrogens.


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